2013/8/3 Jiang Xin <worldhello....@gmail.com>:
>>> are available in the git repository at:
>>>    git://github.com/gotgit/git-po
>> git://github.com/git-l10n/git-po
> Thanks Trần. Should be git-l10n/got-po, and gotgit/git-po does not exist.

In order to prevent this, next time when I generate this pull request text,
I will use the following command:

    $ git request-pull kernel/master origin

"kernel" is a remote points to git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/git/git.git,
while "origin" should have two urls, one for fetch and one for push.

    $ git config --get-regexp remote.origin..*url
    remote.origin.url git://github.com/git-l10n/git-po
    remote.origin.pushurl jiangxin.github.com:git-l10n/git-po  # ssh protocol

The url for fetch will be used when generate pull request.

Jiang Xin
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