it seems that if you use the remote-helpers/git-remote-hg to clone a 
mercurial repo the timezone information of commits gets transformed into your 
current timezone.
(command: git clone hg::…)

I noticed this when a colleague in another timezone used Kiln to also export 
the same mercurial repo that i had cloned from git before.
Fetching from his git repo gives me a "second root tree" with all commits 
A git show of two equivalent commit reveals that the Date: line of the commits 
Tracking this back into the original mercurial repo reveals that _his_ times 
are correct.

This will also make two or more clones from different timezones all using the 
same hg remote repo incompatible!

Original mercurial commit (timezone: -7200 = -4h)

Lipis git export via Kiln: (-4h)

My export via git clone hg::ssh://h...@bitbucket.org/lipis/gae-init (+2h)

Expected would be that the hashes of both git exports are the same. His are 
correct as far as i can tell.


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