Hi Adam:

On Sat, Aug 03, 2013 at 10:01:30PM +1000, Adam A wrote:
> - create a remote repository at URL with commit(s) in it
>   - e.g., a new github repo with README and LICENSE files auto-added
> - write some files in a local directory
> - git init
> - git add .
>   - the contents of the directory are now in the index
> - git remote add origin URL
> - git pull origin master
> The local files added to the index are now completely wiped out and
> replaced with the remote content. I lose all my previous work. :/

All is not lost.  Your local files should be stored in the repository's
reflog.  Examine the output of "git reflog".  You can then reset your
working directory to obtain those files by doing something _like_
"git reset --hard HEAD@{1}".

All hail reflog.

Good luck,


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