Hi, Pete
Thank you reply.

> Your theory is:  there is a client spec, and p4 knows how to
> interpret these things, so instead of figuring out and
> implementing the algorithms for %% and * and ... in git-p4, just
> ask p4 directly.
That's right.
It is simple way to get my purpose unless break existing function
And passed all existing test.

> Let me play with this for a bit.  I wonder about the performance
> aspects of doing a "p4 fstat" for every file.  Would it be
> possible to do one or a few batch queries higher up somewhere?
Oh yes, thank you advice.
My patch is quick hack to get file info absolutely, but now, I found
directory unit query (e.g.   p4 fstat -T clientFile
//depot/project/... )
Better way is that use directory unit query  then caching.
I will try it.

> > +P4USER=""
> > +P4PASS=""
> > +P4CHARSET=""
> Why do you need these?
My environment set P4CHARSET=utf8, but "start_p4d" is failed.
So I undefined P4CHARSET and then passed.
I don't understand source cause clearly, perhaps only Japanese
environment problem.
How about other environment?

P4USER, P4PASS description is no need, just it make sure. I will remove, sorry.

> > +    ( p4 sync ) &&
> >   test_when_finished cleanup_git &&
> How does the p4 sync help here?
If remove this line, some test is failed.
Because sometime "p4 fstat" return wrong result after modified p4
client View setting.

I don't understand Perforce behavior clearly.
Maybe after modify View, something commend is need to sync server side
and client side.

This is week point of my suggestion, but I think this situation is rare.
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