Martin Fick wrote:

Very cool. Of what I understood:

So, the problem is that my .git/objects/pack is polluted with little
packs everytime I fetch (or push, if you're the server), and this is
problematic from the perspective of a overtly (naively) aggressive gc
that hammers out all fragmentation.  So, on the first run, the little
packfiles I have are all "consolidated" into big packfiles; you also
write .keep files to say that "don't gc these big packs we just
generated".  In subsequent runs, the little packfiles from the fetch
are absorbed into a pack that is immune to gc.  You're also using a
size heuristic, to consolidate similarly sized packfiles.  You also
have a --ratio to tweak the ratio of sizes.

I've checked it in and started using it; so yeah: I'll chew on it for
a few weeks.

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