On Thu, Aug 8, 2013 at 8:01 AM, Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> wrote:
> Matthijs Kooijman <matth...@stdin.nl> writes:
>>> > In your discussion (including the comment), you talk about "shallow
>>> > root" (I think that is the same as what we call "shallow boundary"),
>>> I think so, yes. I mean to refer to the commits referenced in
>>> .git/shallow, that have their parents "hidden".
>> Could you confirm that I got the terms right here (or is the shallow
>> boundary the first hidden commit?)
> As long as you are consistent it is fine. I _think_ boundary refers
> to what is recorded in the .git/shallow file, so they are commits
> that are missing from our repository, and their immediate children
> are available.

Haven't found time to read the rest yet, but this I can answer.
.git/shallow records graft points. If a commit is in .git/shallow and
it exists in the repository, the commit is considered to have no
parents regardless of what's recorded in repository. So .git/shallow
refers to the new roots, not the missing bits.
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