>> Regardless of any possible fault in git-svn, there's an obvious bug here
>> with git-fsck.  Can you share the pack (if the project is public) or
>> compile a git-fsck without optimization and with debugging, and run it
>> under valgrind, to hopefully get us a backtrace of where the memory
>> management goes off the rails?
> Unfortunately I'm unable to share the pack.
> As Java Developer I'm note very savy, but I'd try.
> Do you have me any pointers on ".. without optimization and with
> debugging" and "run it under valgrind"?

To fetch sources and compile:

  git clone
  cd git/
  make CFLAGS='-g -O0'

To run gdb:

  gdb --args ./git fsck

Then type "run" at the gdb prompt. When the program crashes, you should
get the gdb prompt back. Then, typing "bt" gives you a backtrace, and
"bt full" gives you the same with more information (be careful, there
may be private information in it).

To use valgrind, just do:

  valgrind ./git fsck

(essentially, it runs the program adding a bunch of runtime checks hence
may provide better diagnosis)

Matthieu Moy
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