Matthieu Moy <> writes:

> What I suggest instead is to edit/track/share template configuration
> files like
> ~/
> email = me@HOSTNAME@
> and then script something like sed -e "s/@HOSTNAME@/$(hostname)/" <
> ~/ > ~/.gitconfig.
> You may also use the include.path functionality to share most of your
> configuration, and include a small file which is different on each host.

For what it's worth, I

  keep dotfiles checked in as m4 sources, which is more or less
  equivalent to Matthieu's suggestion of sed

  don't try to keep .gitconfig under source control, but instead have a
  "git-config" alias that executes a lot of "git config --global"

The downsides to the git-config shell function approach are:

  unwanted configurations are not removed

  one has to source (e.g.) .bash_aliases and then rerun git-config after
  updating the dotfile repo,

I suspect what's really needed is some sort of two-way macro
preprocessor that can take changes in an output file an back them into
the source.

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