Yes, this is msysgit, version 1.8.3.
Now I switched back to 1.7.11 -- there is no such issue in this older version.

09.08.2013, 22:31, "Philip Oakley" <>:
> From: "Dmitry Kuzminov" <>
> Dmitry,
> The Git for Windows development list is at
> Is this "git for Windows" or one of the other git versions on windows,
> and their installers?
>>  There is a standard command prompt icon in taskbar for GIT Bash
>>  instead of GIT icon
>>  Steps to reproduce:
>>  Select Taskbar Properties, Taskbar buttons, set to "Never combine"
>>  Run GIT Bash
>>  Best regards,
>>  Dmitry Kuzminov
>>  --
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