Antoine Pelisse <> writes:

> OK, I think I see why you are puzzled.
> ...
> But my issue is when I do that:
>     git clone hg::~/my_repo my_new_repo
> The clone works successfully by cloning $HOME/my_repo, but then, when
> we try to fix the repo path, we think that ~/my_repo is not an
> absolute path, so we make it absolute: /home/user/~/my_repo which is
> now off. So I'm not able to fetch that remote.

OK, so clone works, but subsequent fetch from the cloned resoitory
does not?  "git fetch hg::~/my_repo" will still work but the call to
"git config" done near the place your patch touches does not store
"hg::~/my_repo" because it thinks "~/my_repo" refers to
"./~/my_repo" and tries to come up with an absolute path.  The patch
tries to notice this case and return without rewriting, so that
remote.*.url is kept as "hg::~/my_repo".

Assuming that I am following your reasoning so far, I think I can
agree with the patch (not that my agreement matters that much, as
you seem to be a lot more familiar with this codepath).

Thanks for explaining.

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