On Sat, Aug 10, 2013 at 03:10:49PM +0300, Sedat Kapanoglu wrote:
> My D:\src folder is a symlink to another folder in my Google Drive, created
> by Windows command mklink /d d:\src "d:\Google Drive\src"
> D:\src>git clone https://github.com/jlewallen/jenkins-hipchat-plugin.git
> Cloning into 'jenkins-hipchat-plugin'...
> fatal: Invalid symlink 'D:/src': Function not implemented

git is a disk intense program, so this setup is not sane at all. With
that said I know that git on windows historically had problems with
working on smb-mounted shares (sometimes you're forced to have stupid
setups). I doubt that git really is the right tool for your work, since
you're using a decentralized tool in a centralized work flow. Maybe
something like subversion would suite you better. (or just simple use a
hosting service such as github/bitbucket/your own server).

However I can't find that error message in the git source code which
make me wonder if this actually is a git problem. Could you investigate
more on where that error message comes from?

Using dropbox git users have experienced corrupt repositories due to the
dropbox sync algoritm isn't suited for the git file access patterns, I
would imagine that you could have the same problems using google drive.

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