Jeff King dixit:

>It was not clear to me whether his site has /etc/mailname. If it does

Some may, some may not but…

>But from his description, the machine may even have a split-horizon name
>in /etc/mailname, and we can do nothing at all about that.

… that won’t happen. The problem is that they may have
the correct domain there but the localpart will still
be wrong because Kolab localparts are not Unix usernames.

Jonathan Nieder dixit:

>I thought that on other operating systems people typically don't have
>an /etc/mailname.  How does trusting the file when present hurt?

Right, MirBSD doesn’t have it, and I don’t think OpenBSD
added it since we forked.

Jeff King dixit:

>On Sat, Aug 10, 2013 at 11:59:21AM +0200, Michael Haggerty wrote:
>> I intentionally don't set in my ~/.gitconfig because I use
>> different identities (on the same machine) depending on what project I

For me that’s also true, but I set a default one at the moment
which is still better than having an unroutable one (on my private
laptop, ${unix_username}@${fqdn} does work, but only as long as my
laptop is powered on, has got IPv6 Internet, and the sending MTA
has IPv6 Internet, so… it’s mostly unroutable).

While I used a fallback for this scenario (me, privately), I’d
also benefit from git refusing to accept commits by default.

>So if I understand your use case, then you would be even happier if
>rather than giving a warning, git simply barfed and said "please set
>your identity before committing"?

Exactly. That’s what I think he said, and what I asked for too.

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