Andres Perera <> writes:

> i just realized that there are ambiguities:
> pull -r (true|false|preserve) foo
> there are 2 ways to interpret this:
> pull --rebase=(true|false|preserve) foo # pull from remote named foo
> pull --rebase (true|false|preserve) foo # pull from remote named
> (true|false|preserve), branch foo
> options with optional operands usually require that the operands be
> concatenated with the option argument.

Yes.  This command line option should be like this:

 - "--rebase" and "--no-rebase" are accepted as "true" and "false";

 - "--rebase=preserve" should be the _only_ way to spell the new
   mode of operation (if we were to add "--rebase=interactive"
   later, that should follow suit); and

 - "--rebase=true" and "--rebase=false" is nice to have for

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