Hello all!

At my current workplace, I have a git-svn repository which has an extremely 
large working directory. I did not use the --stdlayout option in this clone, so 
I have a number of branches in my working directory which duplicate large 
amounts of trunk. There is a particularly large subdirectory which has now been 
copied to branches four times (and hence shows up in my working directory 5 
times). This directory and its copies are making up the vast majority of the 
files and storage space in my working directory. Furthermore, I do not need or 
want to have access to the data in these particular directories. Hence, I would 
like to use the sparse checkouts feature to exclude them from my working 

Let's say that these directories are all called "thedir". What I would like to 
do with the sparse checkouts feature is to simply ignore directories with this 
name anywhere in the working tree. Intuitively, it seems like I should be able 
to put:


or possibly


in the sparse-checkout file, but these don't seem to work. I've tried a number 
of other things, but I always seem to either get the "sparse checkout leaves no 
entry on working directory" error or no effect at all. In the end, I basically 
just don't really understand how this file is supposed to work, so I'd rather 
get some expert help here rather than thrashing about randomly. I realize that 
sparse checkouts is usually used to select a specific directory rather than 
what I'm trying to do, so I accept that what I want may simply not be possible 
with the current implementation. I've asked on IRC, but I wanted to ask here 
also since it seemed that most of the people I talked to weren't that familiar 
with the sparse checkouts feature.

Note that, while using --stdlayout would mitigate the massive working directory 
somewhat, I would still probably want to exclude this directory from my 
worktree. I will probably do a reclone at some point and use --stdlayout, but I 
will still want to exclude this particular directory even at that point. I had 
a lot of people on IRC telling me to just use --stdlayout, which was a good 
suggestion, but didn't fully fulfill my needs.


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