Tvangeste <> writes:

> Brice Lambson <bricelam <at>> writes:
>> +1, this is a significant issue downstream in Git for Windows:
>> Effectively this renders .gitattributes useless for the scenario of 
>> enforcing normalized line ending characters.
> +100
> Folks, the problem is still there, with the very latest Git built with MinGW 
> on Windows. Having eol=native in gitattributes means *LF* EOLs on 
> Windows/MinGW.

The patch in the thread you are responding to is v1.8.3-rc0~65, so
as far as the upstream git.git is concerned the issue is closed, but
I cannot say that inter-project coordination between us and Git for
Windows are stellar (no we are not fighting against each other, but
being less intimate with what the other is doing than we could be).

Judging from how the original thread ended:

Eric and J6t (cc'ed) are aware of this patch that went into 1.8.3,
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