On 08/14/2013 12:06 AM, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> * sb/parseopt-boolean-removal (2013-08-07) 9 commits
>   (merged to 'next' on 2013-08-08 at b138a2d)
>  + revert: use the OPT_CMDMODE for parsing, reducing code
>  + checkout-index: fix negations of even numbers of -n
>  + config parsing options: allow one flag multiple times
>  + hash-object: replace stdin parsing OPT_BOOLEAN by OPT_COUNTUP
>  + branch, commit, name-rev: ease up boolean conditions
>  + checkout: remove superfluous local variable
>  + log, format-patch: parsing uses OPT__QUIET
>  + Replace deprecated OPT_BOOLEAN by OPT_BOOL
>  + Remove deprecated OPTION_BOOLEAN for parsing arguments
>  (this branch uses jc/parseopt-command-modes.)
>  Convert most uses of OPT_BOOLEAN/OPTION_BOOLEAN that can use
>  OPT_BOOL/OPTION_BOOLEAN which have much saner semantics, and turn
>  remaining ones into OPT_SET_INT, OPT_COUNTUP, etc. as necessary;
>  there seems to be some misconversion that makes many tests fail,
>  though.
>  Will cook in 'next'.

Locally here all tests succeed, when testing that branch alone.
Which tests fail for you, so I can look into it?

> * sb/fsck-opt-bool (2013-07-29) 1 commit
>  (merged to 'next' on 2013-07-30 at 8a9964c)
> + fsck: Replace deprecated OPT_BOOLEAN by OPT_BOOL
> Will cook in 'next'.

This one is completely included in sb/parseopt-boolean-removal,
but doesn't need jc/parseopt-command-modes. So once we're
confident with jc/parseopt-command-modes, we could drop this
branch as well.


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