On Wed, Aug 14, 2013 at 07:42:11AM +0200, Daniel Knittl-Frank wrote:

> > So would that be a bug? Or maybe a feature? I would like it that
> > when you do a rebase and select no commits, it will rebase ontop of
> > the commit you chose, and remove all the commits not shown in the
> > interactive listing (so all).
> You can just use `git reset --hard <commit to rollback to>`  to
> discard all commits after the given commit (Unless they're part of
> another branch, of course). `git reset --soft` if you want to keep the
> state of your current working directory.

You can also use a "noop" line in the rebase instruction list rather
than a completely blank list to mean "yes, really, do not apply any

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