Martin Fick <> writes:

> One suggestion would be to change the repack code to create 
> pack filenames based on the sha1 of the contents of the pack 
> file instead of on the sha1 of the objects in the packfile.  
> ...
> I am not 100% sure if the change in naming convention I 
> propose wouldn't cause any problems?  But if others agree it 
> is a good idea, perhaps it is something a beginner could do?

I would not be surprised if that change breaks some other people's
reimplementation.  I know we do not validate the pack name with the
hash of the contents in the current code, but at the same time I do
remember that was one of the planned things to be done while I and
Linus were working on the original pack design, which was the last
task we did together before he retired from the maintainership of
this project.
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