On 08/14/2013 09:57 PM, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> Johannes Sixt <j...@kdbg.org> writes:
> [SNIP]
>> Stefano's use-case, where @/foo is turned into HEAD/foo,
>> indicates a bug.
>> In my opinion, the topic, which touches a central part of ref
>> handling, was a bit hurried (and this report is a symptom of it), and
>> I wouldn't mind seeing it reverted.
> Thanks; you said it much better than I did.  I think the short-hand
> is not a bad idea by itself, but the execution may need to be redone
> a bit more carefully, and it is prudent to revert it from the
> upcoming release.
Thanks both for taking care of this issue with the usual speed and

Best regards,
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