Hi to all,

I've been using git for some time now, but I'm in no way a git expert.
I typically hack my way through the variety of commands that git
provides. I believe that most git users work similarly.

it just occurred to me -- the command that I would REALLY like to have
is simple:

  git undo

which 'undo'es the last action that has not been pushed yet --
whichever the action is. Similarly to the 'back' button in the

Currently, when I make a mistake, I have to search the net to find the
*right* command that will undo my last action/command. That's boring
and time consuming. git undo would make things much easier, I believe.

Would creating such command be possible? I guess that 'behind the
scenes', the command could analyze the reflog and act based on that.

What do you think?

Best regards,
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