From: "Koch, Rick (Subcontractor)" <>
Sent: Monday, August 19, 2013 6:09 PM
I'm directing to this e-mail, as it seems to be the approved forum
for posting Git bugs. We ran CPPCheck against Git v.
and found 24 high risk bugs. Please see the attachment xlsx.

Is there a method to post to the Git community to allow the
community to review and debunk as faults positive or develop
patches to fix lists code files?


Roderick (Rick) Koch
Information Assurance

What OS version / CPPCheck version was this checked on?

In case other readers don't have a .xlsx reader here is Rick's list in plain text (may be white space damaged).

I expect some will be false positives, and some will just be being too cautious.


description resourceFilePath fileName lineNumber
     nullPointer(CppCheck) \git-master\builtin\add.c add.c 286
     wrongPrintfScanfArgNum(CppCheck) \git-master\builtin\fetch.c
fetch.c 588
     nullPointer(CppCheck) \git-master\builtin\ls-files.c ls-files.c
     nullPointer(CppCheck) \git-master\builtin\merge.c merge.c 1208
     doubleFree(CppCheck) \git-master\builtin\notes.c notes.c 275
     nullPointer(CppCheck) \git-master\builtin\reflog.c reflog.c 437
     uninitvar(CppCheck) \git-master\builtin\rev-list.c rev-list.c 342
     uninitvar(CppCheck) \git-master\builtin\rev-list.c rev-list.c 342
     uninitvar(CppCheck) \git-master\compat\regex\regcomp.c regcomp.c
     uninitvar(CppCheck) \git-master\compat\regex\regcomp.c regcomp.c
     uninitvar(CppCheck) \git-master\compat\regex\regcomp.c regcomp.c
     memleakOnRealloc(CppCheck) \git-master\compat\win32\syslog.c
syslog.c 46
\git-master\contrib\examples\builtin-fetch--tool.c builtin-fetch--tool.c
     uninitvar(CppCheck) \git-master\fast-import.c fast-import.c 2917
     nullPointer(CppCheck) \git-master\line-log.c line-log.c 638
     nullPointer(CppCheck) \git-master\mailmap.c mailmap.c 156
     uninitvar(CppCheck) \git-master\merge-recursive.c
merge-recursive.c 1887
     uninitvar(CppCheck) \git-master\notes.c notes.c 805
     uninitvar(CppCheck) \git-master\notes.c notes.c 805
     deallocret(CppCheck) \git-master\pretty.c pretty.c 677
     resourceLeak(CppCheck) \git-master\refs.c refs.c 3041
     doubleFree(CppCheck) \git-master\sequencer.c sequencer.c 924
     nullPointer(CppCheck) \git-master\sha1_file.c sha1_file.c 125
     doubleFree(CppCheck) \git-master\shell.c shell.c 130

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