On 08/21/2013 12:39 AM, Jeff King wrote:
> I was playing with a hook for file size limits that wanted to store the
> limit in git-config. It turns out we don't do a very good job of big
> integers:
>   $ git config foo.size 2g
>   $ git config --int foo.size
>   -2147483648
> Oops. After this series, we properly notice the error:
>   $ git config --int foo.size
>   fatal: bad config value for 'foo.size' in .git/config
> and even better, provide a way to access large values:
>   $ git config --ulong foo.size
>   2147483648

int, ulong...
How large will those be, I'd guess they are machine dependent?
So int being 32 bits as usual, but not on all machines.
(Those, which don't have 32 bits, are maybe not relevant anyways?)


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