On Fri, 23 Aug 2013, Jeff King wrote:

> Making the deltas was considerably less elegant, since we cannot provoke
> pack-objects to pick arbitrary deltas (and it will not even try to delta
> tiny objects, anyway, which would bloat our samples). I ended up with
> the horrible patch below. We _could_ clean it up (error-checking? Who
> needs it?) and make it a debug-and-testing-only option for pack-objects,
> but I just didn't think the grossness was worth it. Still, it's probably
> worth documenting here on the list in case somebody else ever needs to
> add new samples to lib-pack.sh.

Maybe using test-delta (from test-delta.c) would have helped here?

In any case, if something needs to be permanently added into the code to 
help in the creation of test objects, I think test-delta.c is a far 
better place than pack-objects.c.

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