This is a re-roll of [1] which fixes a short SHA-1 collision bug during
rebase -i. v1 graduated to 'next' quickly, before I was able to post a
re-roll addressing Junio's review comments, so I instead posted fixes as
incremental patches atop 'next' [2]. Also, after already in 'next', I
discovered an issue in patch 3/3 where it ignored core.commentchar. This
was fixed by another incremental patch atop 'next' [3].

Junio suggested [4] that, when 'next' is ready to be rewound after 1.8.4
is released, a replacement to the original series should be sent with
all the incremental patches squashed in.  This re-roll does just that.
It incorporates all the incremental patches and presents the series
afresh. This series is meant to supersede all of the following commits
in 'next':

* v1 series

4ababc19e3b6 (t3404: restore specialized rebase-editor following
    commentchar test; 2013-08-12)
cda44c3b5098 (t3404: rebase: interactive: demonstrate short SHA-1
    collision; 2013-08-12)
9a46c25bdbf7 (rebase: interactive: fix short SHA-1 collision;

* patches addressing review comments & general cleanup

4bd24da943d9 (t3404: preserve test_tick state across short SHA-1
    collision test; 2013-08-21)
d63f172cfd90 (t3404: make tests more self-contained; 2013-08-21)
7883ad2419a3 (t3404: simplify short SHA-1 collision test; 2013-08-21)

* core.commentchar bug fix

cd5ce1625074 (rebase -i: fix core.commentchar regression; 2013-08-18)

[This series does not include the similar core.commentchar bug fix
7bca7afeff6f (rebase -i: fix cases ignoring core.commentchar;
2013-08-16) currently in 'next' which is intended for 'maint' and


Eric Sunshine (2):
  t3404: make tests more self-contained
  t3404: rebase -i: demonstrate short SHA-1 collision

Junio C Hamano (1):
  rebase -i: fix short SHA-1 collision    | 30 +++++++++++++++
 t/ | 89 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-
 2 files changed, 117 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)


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