> Maybe the intent is
>       Git can help you perform a three-way merge, which can in turn be
>       used for a many-way merge by repeating the merge procedure several
>       times.  The usual situation is that you only do one three-way merge
>       (reconciling two lines of history) and commit the result, but if
>       you like to, you can merge several branches in one go.
>       To perform a three-way merge, you start with the two commits you
>       want to merge, find their closest common parent (a third commit),
>       and compare the trees corresponding to these three commits.
>       To get the "base" for the merge, look up the common parent of two
>       commits:
>               $ git merge-base <commit1> <commit2>
>       This prints the name of a commit they are both based on.
>       ...

Thanks! Your text is much better than the original one (and my small changes 
even try to improve the text per se). 
If you don't mind I will use your text and add your sign-off for this patch.

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