On Mon, Aug 26, 2013 at 05:03:04PM -0400, Phil Hord wrote:

> >   $ git grep -l foo HEAD | head -1
> >   HEAD:RelNotes/
> >
> > we still limit to the current directory, but the output does not note
> > this (it should be "HEAD:./RelNotes/"). I think this bug is
> > orthogonal to Phil's patch, though.
> Maybe not.  My path completes the assumption that the L:R value
> returned by grep is an object ref; but Junio still thought it wasn't.
> I think this is another case where his view was correct.

I certainly assumed it was, because it is in most cases it is. And something
like "HEAD:RelNotes/" certainly _looks_ like one, and is
generated by the current git. And what is the point of coming up with a
file listing if the names you return do not actually exist?

> There's more bad news on this front.
>     $ cd Documentation
>     $ git grep -l foo HEAD .. | head -1
>     HEAD:../.gitignore
> That's not a valid ref, either (though maybe it could be).

Yes, though we seem to normalize paths already. So the other entries
from that command are (in git.git):


So we could either:

  1. Prepend the current path before normalizing to yield:


  2. Teach the get_sha1 path parser about "..", and prepend "./" when we
     are in a prefixed subdir.


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