On Tue, Aug 27, 2013 at 7:06 AM, Nicolas Pitre <n...@fluxnic.net> wrote:
> Yes, after being vaporware for many many years (I don't even remember
> when I started making references to a possible pack format version 4 --
> certainly more than 6 years ago) I finally completed the code to produce
> a new pack format I'm actually happy with.
> ...
> But the biggest gain will come from direct interpretation of the native
> pack data encoding.  However I'll let others do that part, as well as
> the required fsck support and all the backward compatibility handling,
> etc.  Now that the encoding design is pretty much settled I think it is
> good for review, and for others to get involved as well.
> Interested?  ;-)

A clone url, or a patch series please! :-)
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