On 27.08.13 16:49, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> Torsten Bögershausen <tbo...@web.de> writes:
>>> ... see if that path can be seen under its alias.  Why do we set it
>>> to "false"?  Isn't this the true culprit?
>>> After all, this is not in the "reinit" codepath, so we know we are
>>> dealing with a repository that was created afresh.
>> There is nothing wrong with the auto-sensing as such.
>> The problem for many users today is that we set core.precomposeunicode
>> to false, when it should be true.
> I think we are in agreement then.
> The code detects a broken filesystem just fine, but what it does
> when it finds the filesystem is broken is wrong---it sets the
> variable to false.  That makes the whole auto-sensing wrong, and I
> think it makes sense to correct that behaviour.
>> Let's look what precomposed_unicode does and go through a couple
>> of git operations.
>> 1)
>> When we create a repo under Mac OS using HFS+,
>> we want to have precomposed_unicode = 1
> Yes.
>> 2)
>> When we access a repo from Windows/Linux using SAMBA,
> You mean s/repo/repository that resides on HFS+/?
Sorry being unclear here, trying being clearer with an example:
I have a /data/Docs on my linux box, which is handled by git

I export /data/Docs via SAMBA, and use the Finder under Mac OS to have it
mounted on my Mac OS X box:
//tb@Linux/Docs on /Volumes/Docs (smbfs, nodev, nosuid, mounted by tb)
>> readdir() will return decomposed.
>> When the repo is created by nonMacOS, core.precomposeunicode is undefined.
>> The precomposition is off, but should be on, 
>> precomposed_unicode = -1, but should be = 1
> I do not think UTF-8-MAC is widely available; even if you flip the
> bit on, would it help much?
In the above example
/data/Docs/.git/config was created by Linux, so it does not have
core.precomposeunicode set, neither false nor true.
The Linux box does not have  UTF-8-MAC under iconv,
but will ignore core.precomposeunicode anyway (since the code is not compiled 

The Mac OS machine sees it under /Volumes/Docs/.git/config
And here we want the precomposition, even if core.precomposeunicode
is not present in the config.


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