this is v2 of my patches for user-manual.txt.

Thanks to Junio, Jonathan, Martin and Philip for your comments!

I think Philips remarks should be part of a separate patch series which then
also should address the current differences in layout between user-manual.html
and user-manual.pdf.

Changes in v2:

[PATCH 01/13] Call it "Git User Manual" and remove reference to very old Git 
-> same as v1
[PATCH 02/13] Use current "detached HEAD" message 
-> fixed another occurence of "(no branch)"
[PATCH 03/13] Use current output for "git repack" 
-> add location where packfile is created
[PATCH 04/13] Use "git merge" instead of "git pull ." 
-> reverted changes in "Getting updates with git pull"
[PATCH 05/13] Fix some typos  and improve wording
-> better wording
[PATCH 06/13] Simplify "How to make a commit" 
-> better wording
[PATCH 07/13] Improve description in "How to merge" 
-> this patch was dropped
[PATCH 08/13] Improve section "Manipulating branches" 
-> add missing case for "current"
[PATCH 09/13] Improve section "Merge multiple trees" 
-> better wording
[PATCH 10/13] Remove unnecessary historical note from "Object storage format"
-> same as in v1
[PATCH 11/13] Remove obscure reference from "Examples"
-> this patch was dropped
[PATCH 12/13] Remove irrelevant reference from "Tying it all together"
-> same as in v1
[PATCH 13/13] "git prune" is safe now
-> weakend warning for "git prune"

Signed-off-by: Thomas Ackermann <th.ac...@arcor.de>

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