I am writing a "pre-hook" script, which will be responsible for checking style 
(formatting/indenting) of the C source code. The script at the beginning 
executes "git diff --name-only -z --cached HEAD" in order to get all the 
committed changes, then it makes a two copies of the staged file, one is kept 
as an original and the second one is formatted by "astyle" program. Then I am 
creating patch using "git diff" between the original file and formatted one. 
After that I am applying patch (asking user some questions before doing that) 
to the index or to the file in the working tree (behaviour depends on the 
situation, if the file was staged and modified after that (git status returns 
file as "staged" and "modified but NOT staged") I am applying changes to index 
using "git apply -v --cached patch", otherwise if the file was staged and no 
changes to it were made afterwards (git status returns file as "staged" only) I 
am modifying file in the working tree using "git apply -v patch" and adding 
modified file to stage using "git add my_file.c"). Everything works fine till 
the moment when user modifies a file and commits it using command "git commit 
-m 'comment' my_file.c". After that the committed file looks ok (also in git 
log etc.) but when I type "git status" or use "gitk" I see some leftovers. Gitk 
shows a "local changes checked to index but not committed" -- this is a raw 
file before applying a patch -- and "local uncommitted changes not checked into 
index" -- this is a file after patch was applied. The manual says that listing 
files as arguments to the commit command, make the git ignore changes staged in 
the index, and instead record the current content of the listed files. I would 
like to ask you if there is a way to force commit to ALWAYS add files before 
commit? Can I distinguish, that the commit was executed using syntax "git 
commit -m 'text' file.c"? Is there any other solution for my problem?

Thank you for your time!
Michal Dudek

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