Felipe Contreras <felipe.contre...@gmail.com> writes:

> Some of these were were sent before and rejected without a
> reason,...

Earlier, you were asked to leave because many constructive criticism
or suggestion for improvement to your patches in reviews led to
stubborn resistance, ended up wasting everybody's time and left a
bad atmosphere on the list.

It seems that Matthew is trying to see if you can work better with
others than before after a break, but I personally am not hopeful
yet and do not want to waste my/our time on flamewars like we saw in
the past.

So I'll look at these and may pick patches that are obviously and
trivially good, but will refrain from asking clarifications and
suggesting improvements, etc. on other patches that I suspect will
end up wasting the time of people again.  Do not take silence from
me as a silent agreement.

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