Am 29.08.2013 20:57, schrieb Felipe Contreras:
Matthieu Moy wrote:
Felipe Contreras <> writes:
Moreover, the --stage and --work

--work alone sounds weird. At least to me, it does not immediately imply
"working tree". It is tempting to call the option --work-tree, but git
already has a global option with that name (git --work-tree=foo bar).

Yes, --work sounds weird, but so does --cherry. I thought about --wt, but I
felt --work was more understandable, and --work-tree doesn't really give much
more value, except more characters to type =/

If you have a --work-tree option then parseopt accepts --work as well, unless it's ambiguous, i.e. another option starts with --work, too. So you can have a descriptive, extra-long option and type just a few characters at the same time.


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