On Tue, 2013-08-27 at 07:50 -0700, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> Carlos Martín Nieto <c...@elego.de> writes:
> > In remote's configuration callback, anything that looks like
> > 'remote.<name>.*' creates a remote '<name>'. This remote may not end
> > up having any configuration for a remote, but it's still in the list,
> > so 'git remote' shows it, which means something like
> >
> >     [remote "bogus"]
> >         hocus = pocus
> >
> > will show a remote 'bogus' in the listing, even though it won't work
> > as a remote name for either git-fetch or git-push.
> Isn't this something the user may want to be aware of, though?
> Hiding these would rob a chance for such an entry to be noticed from
> the user---is it a good change?

If we want to help the user know that there's something a bit odd in
their configuration, shouldn't we tell them instead of hoping they
stumble upon it? Otherwise IMO it's more confusing if git-remote does
show the remote when git-fetch is interpreting the argument as a path.


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