On Fri, Aug 30, 2013 at 7:17 PM, Duy Nguyen <pclo...@gmail.com> wrote:
> OK how about a new capability "resume" to upload-pack. fetch-pack can
> then send capability "resume[=<SHA-1>,<skip>]" to upload-pack. The
> first time it sends "resume" without parameters, and upload-pack will
> send back an SHA-1 to identify the pack being transferred together
> with a full pack as usual. When early disconnection happens, it sends
> the received SHA-1 and the received pack's size so far. It either
> receives the remaining part, or a full pack.
> When upload-pack gets "resume", it calculates a checksum of all input
> that may impact pack generation. If the checksum matches the SHA-1
> from fetch-pack, it'll continue to generate the pack as usual, but
> will skip sending the first <skip> bytes (maybe with a fake header so
> that fetch-pack realizes this is a partial pack). If the checksum does
> not match, it sends full pack again. I count on index-pack to spot
> corrupt resumed pack due to bugs.
> The input to calculate SHA-1 checksum includes:
>  - the result SHA-1 list from rev-list
>  - git version string
>  - .git/shallow
>  - replace object database
>  - pack.* config
>  - maybe some other variables (I haven't checked pack-objects)

should have tested something first before I wrote. --threads adds some
randomness to pack generation so it has to be --threads=1. Not sure if
git repository hosts are happy with it..

> Another Git implementation can generate this SHA-1 in a totally
> different way and may even cache the generated pack.
> If at resume time, the load balancer directs the request to another
> upload-pack that generates this SHA-1 differently, ok this won't work
> (i.e. full pack is returned). In a busy repository, some refs may have
> moved so rev-list result at the resume time won't match any more, but
> we can deal with that later by relaxing to allow "want " lines with
> SHA-1 that are reachable from current refs, not just one of the refs
> (pack v4 or reachability bitmaps help).
> --
> Duy

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