Am 31.08.2013 10:22, schrieb Felipe Contreras:
Subject: branch: use $curr_branch_short more

Why? I don't think that summary explains the reason for being for this
patch, also, it starts with branch: instead of pull:

You're right about "branch" vs. "pull".  I'll better go back to bed. ~_~

Subject: pull: trivial simplification

With that summary, people would have an easier time figuring out if
they need to read more about the patch or not.

"trivial simplification" is too generic; we could have lots of them. A summary should describe the change. Its low complexity can be derived from it -- using an existing variable a bit more is not very exciting.

But I wouldn't call that patch trivial because its correctness depends on code outside of its shown context.

The reason for the patch isn't mentioned explicitly. Perhaps it should be. I felt that using something that's already there instead of recreating it is motivation alone.


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