From: "Philip Oakley" <>
> From: "Christian Couder" <>
>> +----------------------------
>> +
>> +linkgit:git-filter-branch[1], linkgit:git-hash-object[1] and
>> +linkgit:git-rebase[1],
> Let's not forget the obvious 'git commit' or 'git merge' on a
> temporary branch for creating a replacement commit.

As it is obvious, and as it is somehow addressed in the below part of
this section, I don't think it is worth talking about git commit or
git merge or git cherry-pick or any other command.
> In particular we need to have covered the alternate to a graft of "A B
> C" (i.e. A is now a merge of B & C) if we are to deprecate grafts with
> any conviction. (

Adding such an example in a new EXAMPLE section would address this
better. If people agree I will do it in a following patch.

>> among other git commands, can be used to create
>> +replacement objects from existing objects.
>> +
>> +If you want to replace many blobs, trees or commits that are part of
>> a
>> +string of commits, you may just want to create a replacement string
>> of
>> +commits and then only replace the commit at the tip of the target
>> +string of commits with the commit at the tip of the replacement
>> string
>> +of commits.

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