Sorry... I misread the README... it does indeed say /usr/local/git, which is 
where the new binary was installed correctly. Eyes have been crossed by all of 
these software re-installations and terminal commands. :P



On 2013-09-02, at 1:16 PM, Ted Wood <> wrote:

> I've recently re-installed all of my MacPorts installations due to a 
> third-party application corrupting my installation. Upon attempting to 
> install git-core via MacPorts, it hangs on the "Building" stage, with no disk 
> activity (clang process is active in Terminal). So, I attempted to download 
> the .pkg install from This Installer says the installation was 
> complete, but Apple's outdated version of git (1.7.3) is still the active 
> binary.
> Two observations:
> 1) The README.txt file says that Git will be installed into /usr/local/bin
> 2) The installation actually seems to be installed into /usr/bin, according 
> to the installation log, which I have attached. This is the same location as 
> Apple's version of Git.
> Of particular interest is the PATH variable setting at the very top of the 
> log file, which makes no reference to /usr/local/bin... only /usr/bin.
>        Installer[18576]: Env: PATH=/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin
> I've rarely experienced problems with installing software in the past. Is 
> this an oversight on the part of the package assembler, or am I missing 
> something?
> ~Ted
> <Git Installer Log 2-Sep-2013.txt>

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