Am 04.09.2013 08:31, schrieb Matthieu Moy:
> "brian m. carlson" <> writes:
>> Tests are included which verify that this change has no effect on git 
>> submodule
>> summary without the --for-status option.
> I still don't understand why this is needed.

To avoid a change in behavior for "git submodule summary", as that
never honored the submodule.*.ignore nor the diff.ignoreSubmodules
setting (and I don't think it ever should).

> Why do we want "git status"
> and "git submodule summary" to display different information? Wasn't it
> a nice property that the part of "git status" about submodule is the
> same as "git submodule summary"?

I changed that in 2010 (1.7.3) to make the output of status consistent,
meaning that submodules that didn't show up in the regular status output
don't appear in the summary part either. And I still believe it is the
right thing to do for the target audience of the ignore settings, as
they want to hide any changes in submodules that are either expensive to
traverse or uninteresting for the developer until they explicitly use
the submodule commands, which still behave as they always did (I might
be wrong here as I'm not in that group myself, but so far no one spoke

> This should at least be explained in the commit message IMHO.

Fine by me, what would you propose to clarify that? (Though I have the
suspicion that the explanation will be three years late ;-)
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