On Thu, 5 Sep 2013, Jeff King wrote:

> There are basically two solutions:
>   1. Add a single-bit flag for "I am 0-padded in the real data". We
>      could probably even squeeze it into the same integer.
>   2. Have a "classic" section of the pack that stores the raw object
>      bytes. For objects which do not match our expectations, store them
>      raw instead of in v4 format. They will not get the benefit of v4
>      optimizations, but if they are the minority of objects, that will
>      only end up with a slight slow-down.

That is basically what I just suggested.  But instead of a special 
section, simply using a special object type number would do it.

I'm even wondering if that couldn't be used for fixing a thin pack 
instead of the special provision I just added last night.

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