I hope it's not too inappropriate to send a random question your way, but I've 
exhausted all other means and am quite lost at the moment.. 

I'm trying to setup a distributed development repository with a central 
repository acting as the production copy.  I'm doing so on a Windows file share 
with no SSH / HTTP accessibility.  Basically each developer will have their own 
copy of the project, and the shared drive should have a copy of the master copy 
(prod/master branch), along with the work-tree files.  

The idea is that any developer should be able to do independent development, 
staged commits, etc.. then push to the central (origin) repository, and 
production scripts will reflect these changes upon a push.  

I got pretty close to this setup by creating a bare repository on the file 
share server (f:\GitDBs\foo.git), then cloning the bare repository onto the 
production path like so: 
git clone f:\GitDBs\foo.git foo  

I cloned the bare repository just the same onto my local dev path.. and 
proceeded with development. This worked fine, and I was able to push / pull 
changes into "origin" (bare repo), and then I would go to my prod (f:\foo) 
repository (clone of bare f:\GitDBs\foo.git), then pull the changes.. 

The problem I faced later on was in parallel development, when changes were 
made to a file in one repository, and at the same time other changes made to 
the same file in another repository..  I couldh't push changes from the dev\foo 
to prod\foo or to origin.. 

I'm completely lost at the moment.. I try to set --git-dir or --work-tree and I 
get mixed results.. either the setting is not allowed when working in bare 
repositories, or I can't run certain operations from the work-tree and 
git-dir.. like "git status", which in a split git-dir / work-tree environment 
(on windows), returns an error which specifies the operation is invalid in a 
bare repository, or specifies that the work-tree is not recognized as a 
repository... :( 

Please help me.. 
I'm new to Git, but love it already.. I would hate it if I had to work without 

Thank you in advance for all your help!

- Eyal
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