2013/9/4 Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com>:
> * jx/branch-vv-always-compare-with-upstream (2013-08-26) 2 commits
>  - status: always show tracking branch even no change
>  - branch: report invalid tracking branch as gone
>  "git branch -v -v" (and "git status") did not distinguish among a
>  branch that does not build on any other branch, a branch that is in
>  sync with the branch it builds on, and a branch that is configured
>  to build on some other branch that no longer exists.
>  Am I waiting for another reroll?

No more reroll if no more votes for “absent" vs "gone", and
"in sync with" vs "up-to-date with". Currently, we choose "gone”
and "up-to-date with", such as:

        $ git branch -v -v
          master    e67ac84 initial
        * topic     3fc0f2a [topicbase: gone] topic

        $ git status
        # On branch topic
        # Your branch is based on 'topicbase', but the upstream is gone.
        #   (use "git branch --unset-upstream" to fixup)

        $ git status
        # On branch feature1
        # Your branch is up-to-date with 'github/feature1'.

Jiang Xin
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