On Fri, Sep 06, 2013 at 11:42:02AM -0700, Junio C Hamano wrote:

> > It is not like we want to add a blank line at the end of each
> > element; it is rather that we want to have a blank line between each
> > element, so that they can have a bit of breathing room between them.
> >
> > The output looks especially bad when there is nothing after the
> > 'untracked' list.
> We might want to revisit this later, but I take the above back at
> least for now.

I agree with most of what you say here, and I started to look at a
simple patch to give separator semantics. But there's an interesting

Given this:

> If we have absolutely nothing, we get this:
>       $ git status
>       On branch master
>         nothing to commit
>       $

I think the lack of extra line delimiter looks fine.

But here:

> And if we have something, we get this:
>       $ git status
>       On branch master
>       Changes to be committed:
>         (use "git reset HEAD <file>..." to unstage)
>               new file:   foo

I think it looks kind of bad, because the branch specifier is is
smooshed into the "to be committed" header.

So the logic is not just "separate with a newline". It's more like
"separate big chunks with a newline, but if we only have small chunks,
it's OK to stick them together".

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