On Sun, Sep 08, 2013 at 03:13:59AM -0400, Jeff King wrote:

> What do you think about teaching git to read extra data after "\0" for
> _every_ ref line? And then ref advertisement might look something like:
>   <sha1> HEAD\0multi_ack thin-pack ... symref=refs/heads/master\n
>   <sha1> refs/heads/master\n
>   <sha1> refs/heads/my-alias\0symref=refs/heads/master
> That would leave us future room for more ref annotations if we should
> want them, and I think (but haven't tested) that existing receivers
> should ignore everything after the NUL.

Meh, elsewhere you said:

  The capability list _could_ be sent more than once, and the
  receiving end is prepared to accept such a stream.  Everything
  learned from an older capability list needs to be forgot and only
  the last one is honored, I think.

and I think you are right. We simply keep a copy of the string the
server sent, and when we see a new one, we free the old and replace it.
So each subsequent ref would have to re-send the whole capability string
(only if it is a symref, but still, it is somewhat ugly).

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