"Philip Oakley" <philipoak...@iee.org> writes:

> What I observed was that all the clones had the same HEAD problem,
> which I think comes from clone.c: guess_remote_head().

Yes.  They share "having to guess" property because their data
source does not tell them.

> My quick look at clone.c suggested to me that there would be a lot of
> commonality between the bundle data stream and the transport streams
> (identical?), and it was just a case of adding into the bundle data
> the same HEAD symref indication that would solve the normal clone
> problem (including backward compatibility). Is that a reasonable
> assesssment?

You need to find a hole in the existing readers to stick the new
information in a way that do not break existing readers but allow
updated readers to extract that information.  That is exactly what
we did when we added the protocol capability.  I do not offhand
think an equivalent hole exists in the bundle file format.
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