Nicolas Pitre <> writes:

> Is anyone still using --max-pack-size ?
> I'm wondering if producing multiple packs from pack-objects is really 
> useful these days.  If I remember correctly, this was created to allow 
> the archiving of large packs onto CDROMs or the like.

I thought this was more about using a packfile on smaller
(e.g. 32-bit) systems, but I may be mistaken.  2b84b5a8 (Introduce
the config variable pack.packSizeLimit, 2008-02-05) mentions
"filesystem constraints":

    Introduce the config variable pack.packSizeLimit
    "git pack-objects" has the option --max-pack-size to limit the
    file size of the packs to a certain amount of bytes.  On
    platforms where the pack file size is limited by filesystem
    constraints, it is easy to forget this option, and this option
    does not exist for "git gc" to begin with.

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