Brad King <> writes:

> Updates since the previous revision of the series:
> * The entire series was rebased on master at bb80ee09; it was
>   previously based on v1.8.4.
> * A conflict in refs.c with 47a59185 was resolved by preserving
>   the elimination of find_ref_by_name while adding our new content.
> * A conflict in builtin/update-ref.c with d5d09d47 (Replace deprecated
>   OPT_BOOLEAN by OPT_BOOL, 2013-08-03) was resolved by integrating
>   both changes.  The new options added in patch 7 now use OPT_BOOL.

I just test-applied these on top of bb80ee09 (Update draft release
notes to 1.8.5 for the second batch of topics, 2013-09-09), and
compared the result with the result of merging the tip of the
previous round 511910e1 (update-ref: add test cases covering --stdin
signature, 2013-09-09) with bb80ee09, and they more-or-less match
(the order of options[] array elements may differ in
update-index.c), which validates that existing merge conflict
resolution matches your expectation.

Thanks.  I am not sure if I should rewind and rebuild the series
with these patches, though.  This is a new feature and does not have
to be merged to 'maint', so rebasing is perfectly fine, but it is
not strictly necessary, either.
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