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On Tue, 10 Sep 2013, Tvangeste wrote:

> 10.09.2013, 18:13, "Johannes Schindelin" <johannes.schinde...@gmx.de>:
> > Have you tried with Git for Windows yet?
> What's Git for Windows? If you mean msysgit,

Actually, they are two different things: Git for Windows is what the name
says, and it comes with an installer. msysGit is the development
environment to *build* Git for Windows.

> then I say no, because the latest msysgit version is from June 02, and
> the change under discussion was made later on, on June 25th. So, this
> regression is not in msysgit release (yet).

Given the explanation what msysGit is, you might suspect that I'd like you
to try to fix this in the msysGit context: After installing


you will have a full build environment, including the build of our latest
master. You can then "cd /git/" and "git checkout pt/tentative-1.8.4 &&
make install" to make sure that the version we are very close to releasing
as the new Git for Windows version does not break your workflow.

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