John Keeping <> writes:

> On Wed, Sep 11, 2013 at 10:08:18AM -0700, Junio C Hamano wrote:
>> Duy Nguyen <> writes:
>> > reset --soft does not go through these code paths (i.e. it does not
>> > need index at all). If we fail to load index index in "reset --soft" I
>> > think it's ok to die(). Corrupt index is fatal anyway.
>> Do I smell a breakage here?  Isn't "reset --soft HEAD" (or some
>> known good commit) a way to recover from a corrupt index?
>> If that is the case, I do not think it is OK at all.  What do we
>> suggest as an alternative?  "rm .git/index && read-tree"?
> Duy's suggestion below is necessary to avoid this then I think - we'll
> die if the user has a corrupt index and gives a path with a trailing
> slash, but without that path we won't try to load the index.

Sorry, but I don't quite follow.  Isn't "git reset --soft <path>" a
nonsense, with or without a trailing slash at the end of <path>?

>> > But "reset
>> > --soft" now has to pay the cost to load index, which could be slow
>> > when the index is big. Assuming nobody does "reset --soft" that often
>> > I think this is OK.
>> >
>> > Alternatively we could load index lazily in _CHEAP code only when we
>> > see trailing slashes, then replace these read_cache() with
>> > read_cache_unless_its_already_loaded_earlier() or something.
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