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> On Thu, Sep 12, 2013 at 09:42:41AM +0200, Josef Wolf wrote:
> > > >> There are some work being done to optimize this further using
> > > >> various techniques, but they are not ready yet.
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> > > And this still stands.
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> > Do you have a pointer or something? I'd like to check out whether I
> can
> > contribute to this work.
> I think Junio is referring to the reachability bitmap work. We may know
> that the other side has commit "E" (and therefore every object
> reachable
> from it), but we do not walk the graph to find the complete set of
> reachable objects. Doing so requires a lot of CPU and I/O, and in most
> cases does not help much.

If the rules of engagement are change a bit, the server side can be release 
from most of its work (CPU/IO).

Client does the following, looping as needed:

Foreach(commit:heads) if (!knownCommits->contains(commit)) 
Foreach(commit:knownCommit) if (!commit->isValid()) 
If (missingBlobs->size()>0) server->FetchBlobs(missingBlobs);

This should work efficiently for the server if
a) the client is empty
b) the client is corrupt
c) the client is up to date

Extending the server->fetchBlobs() to be more fancy, like taking patterns, such 
as between aaaaaa and dddddd exclusive is an exercise for someone else.

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