Jeff King <> writes:

> This description is slightly inaccurate since the re-roll. I think it is
> now:
>   "git config" did not provide a way to set or access numbers larger
>   than a native "int" on the platform; it now provides 64-bit signed
>   integers on all platforms.
> Not a big deal, but it may make your life easier if this description
> ends up in the merge commit, and then you later try to write
> ReleaseNotes off of it.

Thanks, this helps very much.

If you are not interested in how a Git maintainer works, you can
stop reading.

Otherwise understanding of Documentation/howto/maintain-git.txt may
be necessary to grok the below.

The way I work these days is:

 - Add a "###" cut mark to Meta/ so that topics I want to
   have in 'master' comes before it;

 - Proofread the description on these topics in Meta/whats-cooking.txt;

 - Make a copy of RelNotes to a temporary file and have it in my

 - On 'master', run "Meta/ -c1 -e", with emacsclient set
   to my EDITOR;

 - Edit the merge log message if necessary (and if I do so,
   whats-cooking needs to be also updated), but do not say "C-x #"

 - Copy that final merge log message to that temporary file (it is
   all in the same Emacs, so this is very simple and easy) to add a
   new entry;

 - Go back to the merge log message and say "C-x #", which will go
   back two step in this list, repeatedly processing all the topics.

And then copy the temporary file over to RelNotes.
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